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Peder Hornset
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Grove Keeper
Artist: Regine Tvedt Heien, Celina Solhaug Sørum & Programmers: Hans Ola Hoftun, Bernt Leander Vargan, Magnus Furberg.
Terra Noxia
Marius Sandvik Bjørnstad, Kristoffer Heien Eidet, Miriam Landsnes Heldal, Sigurd Isak Teppen, Alex Ho, Ravna Marie Svendsen Wetterhus, Mairi Villela Santos

Hamar named UNESCO Creative City

Hamar has been awarded the status of UNESCO Creative City in Media Arts. This was announced by Minister of Culture Anette Trettebergstuen today at the Nordic VR Forum which is being held in Hamar. The Creative Cities Network was established by UNESCO in 2004 to promote collaboration between cities that have creativity that drives sustainable urban development. Hamar is the first Norwegian city to be named in the Media Arts category Minister of Culture and Gender Equality Anette Trettenbergstuen today presented UNESCO's diploma to Mayor Einar Busterud.

students wins Gamer's Choice Award at the 2021 Norwegian Game Awards

Evergreen by Snow Leaf Studios. Evergreen is a third person ability-based action-rpg. The goal of the game is to protect the Druid from harm. If you are playing any other difficulty than infinite, you win by beating all the waves. If you or the druid dies before the last wave is beaten, you will lose the game and have to try again. Good luck!

Student Showcase 2021 - May 25th and 26th

As the summer holidays approach, we choose to celebrate a well-done year - especially for those who have completed their bachelor's thesis - with a showcase event in Auditorium Our Showcase brings together all student projects for everyone to enjoy. We also invite industry professionals to give lectures and demonstrations for all attending.
3D rendering, coronavirus cells covid-19 influenza flowing on grey gradient background as dangerous flu strain cases as a pandemic medical health risk concept of disease cells risk

Information regarding the Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic is constantly evolving and has major consequences for society. On this page you will find information about how INN University deals with the ongoing pandemic.

University status is the top priority

“Ensuring that Innlandet County gets its own university will be the number one job,” says Peer Jacob Svenkerud who today took over as rector at INN University. “Experience has shown that the establishment of a university will have major ripple effects and develop competence and innovation throughout the region. I would argue that achieving university status will be one of the most important events in the region for decades,” says Svenkerud.

Back to normal teaching at INN University

From Monday 20 September, the requirement of one-meter’s distance during teaching activities no longer applies, with some exceptions. Even before the start of the academic year, the government allowed for the possibility of deviating from the distance requirement in teaching situations in higher education. INN University chose to wait due to the infection situation and vaccination status in Innlandet County.

Media Talks and Podcasts

Håvard Vibeto was a guest at NRK P2 radioshow Studio 2 where he talked about the tv show Arcane on Neftlix.

The show is based on the popular videogame League of legends and he talk about the logic behind making a tv-serie based on videogame and how videogames with its narrative and aesthetical elements influences film and tv-series.

Håvard Vibeto talks with Afternposten Forklart about why the videogame Flåklypa grand prix is getting released

One of Norway’s most successful videogame got a released 21 years after it was published. Håvard Vibeto talks about how nostalgia is an important factor when the game industry released and remakes old videogames

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Håvard Vibeto Talk On the Origin of Slow motion and the use of it in computer games.

2020 Online Conference by Sophie Mobbs