Bachelor in Animation and Digital Art

This education is suitable for those who want to make reality out of your ideas by creating movement and special effects for animated stories, films, computer games and advertising. The study provides a comprehensive introduction to the mechanics and applications of modelling, animation and digital art.

The first year of study focuses on developing broad knowledge. You will have the opportunity to develop artistic visions with basic courses in design, drawing, animation and production. During the 2nd semester, you choose between two specializations within the specialisations:

  • 3D-Art & Generalisation
  • 3D-Animation
  • Digital Art & Motion Design

This is a future-oriented course where you, as a student, will be challenged with your creativity in the borderland between art and technology. Animation and digital art play an increasingly large role in our time and are becoming increasingly important within education, entertainment, art, industry and research. Animation and digital art are important elements in everything from computer games, animated films, smartphones, special effects in films and games, digital installations, internet applications, art, architectural and interactive simulations, TV commercials and internet advertising. Read more

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