Bachelor of Animation and digital art

The study provides a comprehensive introduction to the mechanics and applications of modeling, animation and digital art. This programme is suitable for candidates interested in animation, concept art and motion design. If you are creative, have good computer skills, and wish to work with 3D-modeling and digital content creation in the future, this is the programme for you!

The first year of studies provides basic knowledge about animation, game design, pre-production, system thinking in arts, 3D-generalization and digital art through the development of visual expressions, illustrations, drawing, theory, 3D-modelling, 3D-animation, development and previsualization (storyboarding, animatic), and production.

The second year of studies focuses on giving the students an opportunity to specialize in two out of three areas.

During the second semester, students choose two specializations within the following three fields:

  • 3D-Art & Generalisation
  • 3D-Animation
  • Digital Art & Motion Design

Animation and digital art play an important role in the contemporary world, and in the future, they will play an increasingly important role in teaching and education, entertainment, art, industry and science. Animation and digital art are important elements in everything from computer games, animated films, mobile phones, special effects in films and games, digital installations, Internet applications, art, architectonic and interactive simulations, advertising on TV and the internet.

Showcase 2021

The following artwork may contain photosensitive elements.