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Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences Game School brings you industry lectures and workshops by leading entertainment studios and professionals. 


Marius Thorvaldsen is the CEO of BreachVR and will here talk a bit about Breach, the Metaverse and more!

Programming with Trond Fasteraune

Trond Fasteraune is a programmer who is currently working for Raidho Games. He has previously worked for Krillbite on games like Among the Sleep and Mosaic. Here he will talk more about how to turn a messy code in to a prettier code.

DirtyBit - About DirtyBit

Elisabeth Heimdal Nes is the CEO of DirtyBit while Anne Marthe Markussen is the game artist and alumni. Here they will talk a little about DirtyBit and what they do as well as talk a bit about writing a good job application.

Einar Langfjord Riot Games - Alumni Entering the game industry

Einar Langfjord is an alumni entering the game industry and will talk a bit about just that!

Funcom - Nicolas Roblin about Gameplay Programming

Nicolas Roblin is the lead gameplay programmer in Funcom Oslo and has about 10 years in the game industry, at Funcom. Here he will talk a little about the Programmer Pipeline and give some tips on getting a job in the industry.

Expanse - Fredrik Fottland about Expanse

Fredrik Fottland is the chief executive officer (CEO) of Expanse. Here he will talk a bit about Expanse and what they do. He will also talk about the importance of having a good network whem it comes to getting a job.

Funcom - Leo Walter about Dune

Leo Walter is the associate lead designer on Dune and works for Funcom Oslo. He has 15+ years of experience and has worked mostly on large scale multiplayer games. Here he will talk a little about the Dune project.

Funcom - Rasmus Fredriksen about Protfolio

Rasmus Fredriksen is the Character Artist at Funcom and will talk a bit about why a portfolio is so important, what makes a good portfolio, portfolio vs. grade and give some tips to how to get a better portfolio.

Eylul Ozekes - Sarepta Studio

Eylul Ozekes, Marketing and Community Manager for Sarepta Studio talks about increasing value for your audience and community actions.

Isak Wahl - Snow Leaf Studios. Get funding or die trying.

Isak Wahl from Snow Leaf Studios (NGA winner of Gamer's choice, two years in a row) talks about how to apply for grants and get funding.

FYND Reality - Ole Midthun about XR

Ole Midthun is the lead Unity Developer and Alumni at Fynd Reality. Here he will talk a bit about Fynd itself, about Core and the XR history.

FYND Reality - Kristine Kvam, CTO

Kristine Kvam talks about simulations and training in VR.

Irina Rusten - HGC

Irina Rusten talks about Hamar Game Collective; what they are and what they can offer.

Irina Rusten HGC - Concept Art and Art Bibles

Irina Rusten from Hamar Game Collective talks about the importance of Art Bibles, and what they should include.

Kool Produktion - Frank Mosvold

Frank Mosvold is the CEO of Kool Produktion. Here he will talk about films, Elleville Elfrid, show a game he has worked and more!

Raidho Games - About Astride

Raidho Games was established in August 2021 and here we will here Mathilde Kvernland and Tirna Mellum talk about the benefits of making a game alongside your community. Mathilde is the community manager and lead 3D-artist for Raidho Games. Tirna is the project manager and 3D director.

Stephen Anderson - 3D Character Artist

Stephen Anderson demonstrating workflow using ZBrush, Maya and Photoshop.

Stephen Anderson about portfolio

Stephen Anderson is a 3D modeler and toy maker. He is also a 3D concept artist over at Marvel Studios and can be found online under the name Smaartist. Some of his projects include; Hogwarts Legacy, How to train your Dragon and more! The things he will talk about here, is presenting your artwork, the process to get a final image and where to share your work.

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The Game School Expo revolves around you! In addition to the student Gallery, Game Testing, and Showcase. We invite leading entertainment studios and professionals to conduct captivating lectures and workshops.

Here is your chance to participate in Game School Expo 2024! Volunteers will play a crucial role in various aspects of this event, providing an opportunity to apply the skills acquired during their studies. Beyond exercising your soft skills, you will gain hands-on experience in event management and the development of large-scale public gatherings.

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