Add-on programme in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

This programme is suitable for candidates who are interested in producing content for new technologies as Virtual and Augmented Reality, and possess skills within Digital Arts and/or Technology.

This study is a practical and technology driven education that will help you ensure qualified competence in new technology for both public and private industries. The study provides both basic and advanced knowledge and skills in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) for use in training purposes within education, industry and “edutainment”.

You gain expertise in combining digital tools, techniques, methods, forms of expression and concepts related to creative processes in VR and AR production. The study focuses on content production for “edutainment”, industry and education. The education gives students the opportunity to work on the next generation of “edutainment” solutions that combine innovative entertainment concepts with VR and AR software.

This is a post-graduate program offered for students with at least a Bachelor’s degree in relevant areas such as 3D-modelling, computer programming, game development, computer science and web and user interface / user experience design. The study also gives the opportunity to continue on a master degree within the planned master in “Serious Games & XR” at the Game School, (starting fall 2024). Read full curriculum

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Path to a Masters

Students that successfully complete the AVR program would be exempted from certain courses offered in our future Master degree.

"The AR/VR add on program was to me very educational, entertaining and insightful, with truly skilled teachers, new technology equipment and a great atmosphere!😊 It gave me job opportunities that I would most likely not have gotten without it."

Benedikte Ødegård 🌸 Alumni - AR/VR Add-On Program

"I attended the AR/VR course during the 2020-2021 period, and in that period I got a good introduction on how to set up projects and develop for AR and VR. And while some prior experience was a good thing to have, everything was well explained from the ground up, allowing people with widely different skill sets to get an introduction to the whole process."

Ludvig Temperli Risan Alumni - AVR Add-On Program