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Partners & Networks

The game school is a member of business cluster VRINN and is a part of the startup- and business house PARK. PARK houses a studio for new AR, VR and Motion Capture technology, the game school’s Add-on Programme in Virtual and Augmented Reality, Hamarregionen utvikling (Business Region Hamar) and businesses working with technology like Hamar Game Collective, Making View (VR and 360 video), Collaborative Workplace (leadership training using VR and games), and many others. The business cluster behind PARK and VRINN have a well functioning trippel helix model for innovation and growth, and through close cooperation the project has become a great success.

VRINN is a cluster of companies operating in Norway in the fields of VR, AR, and gamification. The aim of the cluster is to offer its members a platform to exchange ideas, develop projects and thus jointly advance the development of future learning.
VRINN also helps companies to network internationally, to market themselves and to develop further.

The main focus within the VRINN cluster is “immersive learning” – meaning: How can immersive technologies such as VR, AR and gamification be used in learning, training and knowledge transfer? However, our members are active in a wide range of disciplines, including health care, crisis management, decision making, and operational support.

Nordic VR Forum 2020 – October 28-30Thanks all who participated in this conference for innovators, thought leaders, and storytellers! The event is a early arena aimed at everyone interested in new ways of learning, training and storytelling – as well as VR professionals and experts (read more)

Would you like to learn more about VRINN? Or are you interested in becoming a member? Please contact us!

In 2020 the Nordic VR Forum returned as a “digital first” hybrid event! 750 participants joined us in the hunt for the creating value using VR and AR, across industries like health care, training and learning and storytelling.

At the Nordic VR Forum everything revolves around immersive learning technologies: More precisely, the use of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) in health care, learning, training and storytelling. The tools of the next generation are already there – now is the time to align the learning strategy with the business strategy, now is the time to create value!

We strive to further develop the game development industry in our local community. Hamar is a small city with big ambitions, and we’re working towards building the best game development community in Norway (and the world!).

Hamar Game Collective was founded by Sarepta Studio, Krillbite Studio, and Moondrop in the summer of 2013.

They were all driven by a desire to have a common place to meet, work, and exchange knowledge. We strive to further develop the game development industry in our local community.

Hamar is a small city with big ambitions, and we’re working towards building the best game development community in Norway (and the world!). We’re well on our way – so far we’ve gathered some of the best and brightest developers from all over Norway, and exciting things are happening.

We work to promote the interests of our members and to contribute to the growth of our community, and we do this by giving our members the best workplace possible, and by arranging interesting lectures, workshops, social gatherings, and more.

Fynd Reality AS was established in 2017 as EON Reality Norway AS. This was a result of a regional initiative between Hamar and Elverum municipalities, the Inland University of Applied Sciences, and the Inland County Council.

Beyond Fynd, our roots go all the way back to 2009. Our CEO Knut Henrik Aas started Crisis Training AS together with Morten Wenstad. This company was dedicated to improving training processes in the military and public sector. It was this expertise that led to the connections that formed Fynd Reality over a decade later.

In 2021 we changed our name from EON to Fynd Reality after an ownership restructure. The word Fynd is old Norse, and means ‘force’ or ‘compelling’. This reflects our mission to make an impact on the people we work with.

We currently hold offices in two locations. In Hamar we are a part of PARK, a start-up cluster with a bunch of different companies. This gives us access to a valuable network of knowledge. In Elverum we are located in Terningen Arena, a hotspot for education and development in the region.

Business Region Hamar (Hamarregionen utvikling) is an idea-creating, initiative-taking and coordinating body that functions as a contact and communication body for business and tourism in the region. It is run as a collaboration between the municipalities of Stange, Hamar and Løten.

PARK is a house where powerful resources in games development, education, and VR / AR technology are gathered under the same roof. An important part of the house is the brand new Motion Capture studio, “INN MoCap”, which is Norway’s largest and most modern of its kind.

The professional environment that manages INN MoCap comes from the Games School at the Inland University College , which is also the owner of the studio. This environment has long experience in computer game development, 3D modeling and animation, VR / AR, and more.

It is Norsk Tipping and Hamar municipality that have provided funding for the MoCap studio, which is technically top notch in the Nordic context. The studio is used for study and research purposes, as a test lab for new ideas, as well as in various productions in games, film and VR.

Players outside the PARK environment can also rent in to use the facilities in INN MoCap. If it is of interest, please contact the Inland University College directly by Head of Department Marit Berg Strandvik or via the contact form here.