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In the junction between Oslo and the mountains, Hamar is a place where rural traditions blend with urban lifestyles, offering exciting adventures for the curious-minded.

It is a small city with approximately 30.000 inhabitants, yet it has a lively cultural scene where you can find anything you like!

The Student Community of Hamar campus (CHS) arranges various sports, music and social activities for students. The students’ pub Gregers is also a great place to hang out. Join the Facebook group of international students at Hamar campus to connect with the community.

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Activities and culture in Hamar

There are many opportunities for outdoor activities in the region. Hedmarksvidda offers many options for cross-country skiing and other winter activities, Budur and Gåsbu are good starting points. There are also many idyllic bike trails and hiking paths in the surrounding areas. In the summer season lake Mjøsa is a great place for swimming, fishing and water sports. The beach area of Koigen is located in the city center of Hamar just a few minutes walk from campus. Koigen is a great place for a walk, a picnic or just hanging out. See more activities on

Students can borrow equipment for winter sports and other outdoor activities for free at BUA Hamar. Ankerskogen swimming pool offers discount prices to students. Several gyms in Hamar also offer discounts to students.

In the main square you will find Hamar Kulturhus, which contains concert halls, public library, art gallery, Inland Theatre, cinema, rehearsal rooms and studios. There are many interesting historical sites and museums to visit in Hamar and surrounding municipalities.

In Hamar you can also find games and animation related events such as  The Gathering and Global Game Jam.

Hamar municipality

Hamar is a small city with approximately 30 000 inhabitants. Hamar is the largest city and the administrative center for Inland county. The city is located along the banks of lake Mjøsa, Norway’s largest lake. The capital city, Oslo and Norway’s main airport, Gardermoen is just a short trainride away.

Campus Hamar

The campus is equipped with modern classrooms and advanced laboratories for biotechnology, animation and game technology.

The open space design on campus offers an arena to cultivate creative thinking and interaction among students.

Students can also get free access to the gym hall at the campus which includes a sport hall and swimming pool.

More info about campus Hamar

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Valmuen student association

Valmuen is a student association for students at the INN Game School. They work to improve and maintain the social and academic environment for the students at the Game School.

Valmuen organize events that benefit students at the Game School both socially and academically. Social events range from parties and game nights, to cabin trips and Christmas parties. The academic and professional events include inviting external lecturers to give talks, excursions, organize game jams or discussions on animated films or games.

In Norwegian valmue means poppy flower. Valmuen is named after the poppy flower that opium is produced from, a pun on the acronym OPIM (Experience Production and Interactive Media) which was the name of the Game School up until 2018.

Read more about the association and see upcoming events on their website.

HaSt – Hamar Studentsamfunn

HaSt (Hamar student community) is a student association for all students who belong to campus Hamar. HaSt is an interest organization for students run by students.

HaSt works to give students in Hamar the best possible study experience. Among the activities they organize are sports, theatre, choir and parties. In addition they are in charge of organizing the buddy program and social activities around semester start each year.

HaSt was founded in 1998 and has since then changed their name several times, but their mission has remained the same. “The organization shall preserve and promote cultural, sports and social activities for the student and local community in the best way possible”. Students at campus Hamar are automatically members of HaSt and can participate for free in most of their activities and events.

Follow them on Facebook to see upcoming events.

As a student at INN university you are also a part of StInn (the Inland Student Organization). StInn is an interest organization which works to promote the students’ interests and rights. They especially work towards INN university, Studentsamskipnaden i Innlandet (SINN) and the authorities. Their slogan is “Our education, our study experience, our terms”, and they work daily to promote the rights of 14 000 students.

Read more about StInn on their website.

Student welfare and health services

SINN (Studentsamskipnaden i Innlandet) offers health services to students at INN university. You can benefit from the health service either you are a full time student, part time student or studying online. International students are also welcome to use their services. Their competent team are there to help students who during their studies experience the need to talk to someone. SINN Health is a low-threshold service, but their counselors can help students who need it connect to other professionals in the public health care system. To read more about SINN Health or to book an appointment, go to their website.

Svenn – SINNs new friend service

Do you want to get in touch with other students? Would like a new friendship? Sign up for our new friend service: SVENN!

The academic year 2020/21 has been a crappy year for many students. The usual arenas to get acquainted with other people have disappeared, and many students have ended up having little or no social network.

That’s why we launch the friend service Svenn. You simply follow the link and answer a few questions about yourself. Our student coordinators will pair up two and two students, and you will get your brand new Svenn before you know it.