Bachelor of game technology and simulation

The programme is suitable for those with an interest in graphics, programming, design and visualization, and who want to combine artistic creativity and advanced programming to develop computer games. The program focuses on developing both the technical and creative abilities of the students, and teaches techniques for building visual systems and developing software for both creative industries and engineering fields.

Game technology covers a vast area, including simulation, system analyses, programming, game design and mathematics and evolve into complex software systems. Society requires competent professionals with knowledge of the latest technology, dissemination of information, interactive processes, system understanding, and game design for different user groups.   

The Bachelor’s programme in Game Technology and Simulation provides a solid vocational and academic education. Through in-depth studies in computer science combined with cross-disciplinary game projects, students will become skilled game- and software developers and be able to solve problems, think holistically, understand and communicate at all levels throughout the whole development process. Certain courses in the programme introduce entrepreneurship, with the purpose to prepare students for working life as employees or entrepreneurs with their own business.

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