Know Who We Are

The Game School

The INN GameSchool was established in 2003 as the first game education in Norway. It is Norway’s largest game development education, focusing on Computer Programming, and Digital Arts like concept art, motion design, 3D-Animation and 3D-Visualization. Today we offer two Bachelor programs, one in Game Technology and Simulation and one in Animation and Digital Arts. We also offer a one-year Add-on program in Virtual & Augmented Reality production pipeline.

The Game School belongs to the Faculty of Audiovisual Media and Creative Technologies, which offers practice-oriented educations within the fields og AR and VR, 3D animation, game technology and TV production, as well as theoretical studies in film- and television science. The faculty is home to a large interdisciplinary academic community with expertise in audiovisual media.

The Game School is a part of the Inland Norway University of Applied Science, and is located in Hamar, Norway. Hamar is the game capital of Norway, with many companies specializing in game development. The city is the proud host for the yearly VR/AR/XR conference,  The Nordic VR Forum, and for the largest annual computer gathering in Norway, The Gathering.

Meet Our Team

Inland Norway University GameSchool has an amazing group of professionals from all over the world that specialize in multiple disciplines within the gaming and entertainment industry.

bard gunnerud ahlen Main

Bård R. Gunnerud

Head of Studies

Profile_INN_Ove BW3

Ove Andreas Kinn

Assistant Professor

Anders Nordby

Assistant Professor

Dag Nylund

Assistant Professor

Ole Einar Flaten

Assistant Professor

Håvard Vibeto

Associate Professor

Sophie Anne Mobbs

Associate Professor

Sanu Vamanchery Mana BW

Sanu Vamanchery Mana

Associate Professor

Meisam Taheri BW

Meisam Taheri

Associate Professor

Kevin Tan BW

Kevin Tan

Associate Professor


Gunhild Lien

Associate Professor


Ole Christoffer Haga

Senior Lecturer

Nina Bergstrom new

Nina Bergström

Assistant Professor


Jason Kao

Associate Professor

Ole Van Allen

PhD Candidate

Joselito Sanchez 02

Joselito Sanchez

Project Manager

Jan Erik

Jan Erik Haug

Assistant Professor

Christopher John Mcneill

Assistant Professor

Fred Frohlich BW

Fred Fröhlich

Associate Professor

Daniel Johansen

Department Engineer

John Eugene Chrisman

John Eugene Chrisman

PhD Candidate - Innovation In Services in the Public and Private Sectors (INSEPP)

Ionut-Lucian Achiricioaei

Associate Professor

Guro Hagen

Research & Development Advisor

Sashi New Photo v2

Sashi Komandur, PhD

Research leader (Game and XR projects) & Principal Scientist (Adjunct position)