Norway Comic Con

Spillexpo Returns to Form

The annual games-expo known as Spillexpo (Oslo Comic-con) returns to Nova Spectrum in Lillestrøm for another weekend of everything gaming related. Featuring a plethora of tournaments, demos and booths to look at and interact with. Amongst these, the Games school/INN had their own booth, showing off student work and the upcoming student game project ‘’Oh No! Kobolds!’’ by Rocket Couch.

Spillexpo 2022 is a return to form for many people. After more than 2 years with social distancing, finally being able to connect in person with the things you find the most interesting can be liberating for a lot of people. For students at the Games School, Spillexpo is a great opportunity to meet and talk to people who work in professional studios or even old students who have went on to make their own studios like Snow Leaf Studios, who had their own booth to let the public test their upcoming single player potion making roguelike game ‘’Brew’’set to release in the near future on Steam.

Attending Spillexpo is also a great opportunity to learn about the broader spectrum of technology, unique communities and game development. Engaging with others of equal interest and participating in large and noteworthy community events like Spillexpo, is great to strengthen your social circle network as both a person and as a developer.

Written by Jørgen Nilsen