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We invite you to join the Games School. Located in the city of Hamar, a city that has positioned itself as Norway’s gaming capital. The University prepares students for careers such as graphic artists, animators, modelers, riggers, and programmers. Our former students work on computer game development, software development, training, animation, graphic design in both the public and private sectors. We have local, national and international partners, who contribute to a practice based and relevant education.

Application deadlines 2021

Applicants from Norway, EU/EEA and Switzerland:

The application and documentation deadline for applicants with citizenship and education from EU/EEA, is 15 April 2021. If you graduate during the first semester in 2021 the documentation deadline for diplomas is 1 July.

Applicants outside EU/EEA (including UK):

The application and documentation deadline for applicants with citizenship or education from outside EU/EEA, is 1 February 2021. Applicants must be qualified according to all the admission requirements, including the English language requirement, prior to 1 February 2021.


Student exchange autumn 2021

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is still uncertain whether students will be able to travel on exchange in the autumn of 2021. It is also uncertain if INN University will be receiving exchange students from other insitutions. Nevertheless, INN University encourages you to apply as normal, but with the provision that departure and entry may be cancelled.

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Why study at INN Game School

The Game School brings together a large interdisciplinary academic community within the fields of game technology, simulation, virtual reality, augmented reality, animation and digital art, and is part of the Faculty of Audiovisual Media and Creative Technologies.

Hamar is considered the game capital of Norway, hosting many companies specializing in game development. Hamar is the proud host for the yearly VR/AR/XR conference,  The Nordic VR Forum, and for the largest annual computer gathering in Norway,  The Gathering.

Like to be an exchange student at INN University?

INN University has exchange agreements with more than 200 institutions of higher education around the world.

If you are a student from one of our partner institutions, you may have the possibility to study at INN University for one or two semesters as an exchange student. We accept approximately 250 exchange students from a variety of countries each academic year. 

Client Photo
Oliver Korssjøen Artist Mascot Design Winner

What brought me to the Inland University and what positive experiences have I created here: What brought me here was my passion for art and design — particularly my interest in concept art. Over time, I have grown to respect, learn and love other aspects of the audiovisual arts and technologies as well.

Client Photo
Miriam Landsnes Heldal Mascot Winner, Student in Animation and Digital Art

For the future I hope to get a job in a company focusing on digital entertainment for Kids such as Ravn Studio, Qvisten Animation, or something similar as I’d love to make something that kids will love and remember fondly as they grow up, just like I still love Kaptein Sabeltann and Josefine, which to me are childhood icons.

Showcase 2021

The following artwork may contain photosensitive elements.

Bachelor of Animation and digital art

The study provides a comprehensive introduction to the mechanics and applications of modeling, animation and digital art. This programme is suitable for candidates interested in animation, concept art and motion design. If you are creative, have good computer skills, and wish to work with 3D-modeling and digital content creation in the future, this is the programme for you!

The first year of studies provides basic knowledge about animation, game design, pre-production, system thinking in arts, 3D-generalization and digital art through the development of visual expressions, illustrations, drawing, theory, 3D-modelling, 3D-animation, development and previsualization (storyboarding, animatic), and production.

The second year of studies focuses on giving the students an opportunity to specialize in two out of three areas.

During the second semester, students choose two specializations within the following three fields:

  • 3D-Art & Generalisation
  • 3D-Animation
  • Digital Art & Motion Design

Animation and digital art play an important role in the contemporary world, and in the future, they will play an increasingly important role in teaching and education, entertainment, art, industry and science. Animation and digital art are important elements in everything from computer games, animated films, mobile phones, special effects in films and games, digital installations, Internet applications, art, architectonic and interactive simulations, advertising on TV and the internet.

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Add-on programs in virtual reality and augmented reality

This programme is suitable for candidates who are interested in producing content for new technologies as Virtual and Augmented Reality, and possess skills within Digital Arts and/or Technology.

The programme immerses students directly into a professional context through real world projects. A problem-based teaching approach promotes entrepreneurial thinking and knowledge.

The students obtain the skills needed to be successful in creating Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality content for industry and education. These skills will also enable students to work in fields like architecture and product visualization, game creation, multimedia design, and broadcast media. The education also provides knowledge that may form a basis for continued work in the education sector and in research and development work.

The study programme builds competence in combining relevant up to date digital tools, techniques, methods, forms of expression and concepts relating to creative processes in VR and AR production. The programme provides good specialization in a field, but at the same time also broad knowledge to make the students more attractive for working life and equipped for the technological future. This interdisciplinarity will prepare students to work within every area of VR/AR industry production.

The programme focuses on content creation for edutainment, industry and education. The education gives the applicants opportunity to work on next generation edutainment solutions, combining innovative entertainment concepts with the world’s leading VR and AR knowledge transfer software. The students can work on projects to develop training applications for a variety of areas such as Energy-, Medical-, Cultural- and other industries, developing  new virtual labs, leads pilot projects and rolling out virtual 3D learning environments.

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